Miches Dominican Republic

Are you dreaming of escaping to an unknown place with untamed beauty?  Let us introduce you to Miches, the new and upcoming eco-destination of the Caribbean, located on the northeast point of The Dominican Republic, destined to lure visitors seeking tranquility, and untamed unadulterated Caribbean beauty.

Miches is about a 1.5-hour drive from the Punta Cana International Airport.  Once you get to Miches, it feels like a world away, where one can get lost in the beauty and leave all worries behind.  Get here soon, so you can experience the birth of a new destination and enjoy it in its purest form.  New resort developments are underway respecting the eco-system, creating jobs, and encouraging locals to higher education with opportunities in the tourism industry, which is much needed in the Miches community.

In Miches you can experience the simplicity of life that’s rich in beauty while staying in an eco-resort that blends luxury and architecture into the green landscape of the land kissed by the sea.

Things to Do & Places to Visit in Miches

El Seibo, Dominican Republic

In a world full of technology where everything is fast, visitors can experience a truly mellow vibe where visitors can slow down to the Caribbean tempo.

Things to Do in Miches, Dominican Republic

Miches stands out for its emerald jeweled tone waters, with a wild beautiful palm tree jungle that hugs the coastline.  Eco lovers can hike through a tropical forest to admire and refresh at the tallest waterfall in the Caribbean.  The natural landscape includes lakes, mangroves, rivers, lagoons,  sandbanks for snorkeling in crystal clear waters, and the nearby Samana bay filled with natural treasures and rich experiences for nature lovers.  For those that love the mountains, and clean fresh air, you don’t want to miss visiting Montaña Redonda with 360-degree views of the mountains and jeweled-tone coastline.  Romantics can take long walks or go horseback riding along the emerald coast of Miches where one can become one with nature and experience true Caribbean bliss without crowds.  

There are a number of day trips and cultural experiences to elevate your vacation in Miches.  Head to Samana for close-up encounters with giant humpback whales or admire the otherworldly Haitises, head south to Punta Cana to enjoy Bavaro Beach, fun family parks, cenotes, and much more.  Go hiking through lush trails with waterfalls, visit the UNESCO sites at the capital of Santo Domingo, escape to an offshore island, and more.

Tourism in Miches

El Seibo, Dominican Republic

Five centuries ago, the Dominican Republic was “discovered” by Old World explorers.  While the rest of the Caribbean is mainly developed, the Dominican Republic positioned itself to remain the last destination to offer new and undiscovered places to tourists around the world.  While Punta Cana is the most exciting all-inclusive beachfront resort destination in the Caribbean, Miches is set to become a more tranquil eco-tourism destination with the authentic character of the Dominican Republic.

Your visit to this new destination supports the economic growth and education of the community.  Tourism supports the use of products from local farmers and the encouragement to locals to aim for higher education, and hospitality training, helping current and future generations to get out of poverty.

Map - Miches

El Seibo, Dominican Republic

Location: Miches is a town in the province of El Seibo, located on the northeast coast of the Dominican Republic, the second largest country in the Major Antilles of the Caribbean Sea.